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hey what's up it's a+

we're anna + austin

a traveling videography couple

based in 

st. louis missouri + phoenix arizona

Wash Out
I'm Anna! :) 

I've grown up with a camera in my hands. My parents always had a video camera rolling and at a young age I became obsessed with hoarding memories. Nostalgia is my best friend and being able to look back at certain moments in my life fills me with more joy than I can say. 


After receiving my certificate in Film Production, and Screenwriting I began this company at twenty-one years old and haven't looked back. 


Being able to capture the little things; the look on a grandmother's face while they watch a grandchild say their vows, the screams of joy and excitement during a bridesmaid's first look, the first time the couple looks at each other and goes "wait...we're married!" is the most wonderful feeling. 
The privilege of being the one behind the camera recording these memories means so much to me and is something I'll never take for granted.  
a little more about me: 

I cry at every father daughter dance. I like to consider myself a Bloody Mary connoisseur. I have a fluffy white dog that has more personality than she knows what to do with (shout out to Pages).  I've seen every episode of The Golden Girls at lest 6 times. I can devour a true crime book in one sitting. If it has lemons or tomatoes in it I'll probably eat it. And my dream bucket-list spot to travel is London. 


some quick facts about us: 

we met in film class 

we're exactly a foot apart in height

a favorite date night is sushi and a movie 

our most watched shows together are: "new girl" + "the haunting of hill house" + "stranger things"

we'll get hype if you play whitney houston or journey at a reception

anna is a dog person

austin is a cat person

Wash Out
a little more about me:

I'll sniffle during your vows. I love reading about anthropology and history. I have two Siamese cats that love to scream.  I've can quote Independence Day from memory. I write games when I'm not editing. I enjoy bad puns too much. I'm excited to travel the world.

I'm Austin

I'd spend hours watching behind the scenes features on movies as a kid, but I never imagined I'd get the chance to make anything like that myself.


After graduating and receiving my certificate in Film Production, I've worked in TV, short and feature films, and my favorite, filming weddings with Anna.

Getting to be around people on one of the happiest days of their lives is a privilege I will never take for granted, and getting to help preserve those moments is a dream come true.
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