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Wash Out

working with us

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why should you invest in us?

We have over 10+ years filming and editing experience between the two of us, and in our four years in the wedding industry have filmed over 60 weddings.

All of our wedding packages include

the Highlight Film and the Ceremony Film.

We have a 5 star rating on Google, Facebook, Wedding Wire, and The Knot, and were Wedding Wire Couples Choice Aware Winners for 2022.


We adore traveling and are down to go pretty much anywhere. Just say the word - we're  a Southwest flight away. 

We're genuinely excited for our couples to be starting their lives together and are big believers in the "first day of your lives" and not the "best day of your lives."  Weddings are wonderful but the most meaningful part to us is seeing the next chapter of your story unfold right in front of our cameras. 


We're 100% in house editors. We're the only people that see our couples' footage until it's safely in their hands. We don't trust strangers with our couples' memories. And we care deeply about the craft of editing and are always evolving and learning. We ask our couples to trust our unique creative process and decisions. We promise it'll be worth it. 

You'll get some (punny) jokes from Austin,  Anna gushing over the two of you and calling you  "cute" and "adorable" about 100 times, and some pretty killer dance moves at the reception (if we do say so ourselves). We also strive to be a calm and happy presence - couples have enough stress on their plate and the last thing they need to be worrying about are their wedding vendors. We do our best to go with the flow, be resourceful, non disruptive, and chill. 

"I am in LOVE with this dynamic duo! From seeing their work at one of my best friends wedding, to experiencing it for myself on my wedding day, you will not find another team, that has an amazing vision, and the talent to back it up with. Anna and Austin are so kind and thoughtful, and really were invested in making our day everything we wanted it to be.
When my husband and I sat down to start planning our wedding, there were two things we were not willing to budge on, those things being an awesome team of photographers and videographers. Let's face it, you spend a year, sometimes more, planning a wedding and aside from your own memories, the only thing you have to look back on are the photographs and videos, why not invest in the best?
Anna and Austin truly captured our day in the most beautiful way, paying close attention to detail, and making sure that we were satisfied. Day of, I changed things, added things, and probably worked them harder than I originally intended on, but never once did they make me feel like a burden. You two are amazing people and even more amazing at your craft. Thank you for capturing our day."

L + T Timmins

the process


getting in touch

Reach out to us! 

We can't wait to hear from you and make sure your date is available in our calendar. Our 2022 calendar is almost full and we're booking into 2023. We usually book with our couples 12-18 months from their wedding date, so don't hesitate to reach out if you'd like to know more! 

Our next step in the booking process would be to set up a meeting to make sure we all click and vibe and you want US to help capture your wedding day. From there we want to hear ALL THE DETAILS about your love story so we can help make your film even more personal to you. The more sappy and detailed the better (bonus points if you make Anna tear up). 


planning planning planning 

Once booked, we'll get the contract and invoice sent to you securely, and then you're set! You don't need to worry about anything else until closer to your wedding day.

Once you have a schedule, send it our way and we can figure out the best way to be part of your wedding day. We'll figure out when we need to arrive, where you need us to be, and how we can capture everything important to you.

And if you ever have a question or anything you want to go over in the meantime, don't hesitate to text or email us anytime.

None of our films are the same because no two couples are the same. We love to connect with our couples long before the wedding date rolls around and get to know the real you. We listen to your vows, your letters, the words from your parents and loved ones, and let them help us tell your unique story through film.  


the big day

The day that you've been patiently waiting and dreaming of is finally here! Here's what you can expect from us: 

- Arriving on time to the location and helping the day stick to the schedule as best as we can.

- Capturing all of the moments that we know are important to you and will help make your film personal and memorable.

- Helping out where we can! we're designated flower and water bottle holders, table arrangement adjusters, runners and communicators... you name it. We're there to help the day go smooth however we can.  

- And once again you can also expect some jokes, tons of adoration for your cuteness, and some killer dance moves at the reception (we mean it, okay). 

No matter what happens, we strive to be chill, helpful, and have a happy and stress-free presence on a wedding day. It's one of the best days of your lives and we want you to remember it that way. 


after the wedding

Our favorite part - the editing!

Within 48 hours of your wedding you'll have a

30-second teaser so you can see how amazing your wedding day was from our perspective.

We'll keep in touch through the editing process and let you know how your highlight film is coming along. Especially as we're getting close to finishing it because we get excited to share it with you.

Since our films are 100% edited by us, that does mean that we take our time to make sure that they are perfect. This means we can take up to 2-4 months for delivery. We ask that our couples trust us when it comes to editing and crafting their wedding film. We promise to do everything in our creative power to give you the most perfect wedding film possible. 

upcoming travel

are you going to be somewhere the same time as us? interested in filming an adventure or engagement film? maybe a family film? or are you planning a last minute elopement or proposal? reach out to us! 

utah - april 2022

Wash Out

We like details. We like expansive wides. Warmth and sun, shadows and light. 

We stick to 99% documentary filming with a little help here and there. Authentically showing the day how it was to help you remember it best. We do our very best to craft a film that fits you. Originality is our goal. 

Every couple is different, so every film is different. We go off of the vibes and impressions our couples give us --

some are slower and intimate and romantic 

some are funny and fast paced and exciting

some are chill and emotional and beautiful 

every single one of them unique and perfect in their own way. 




M + B Wolfangel

"Anna and Austin were so sweet and fun to work with the day of our wedding. The video they created was absolutely amazing and brought tears to our eyes, and our friends and families eyes. It will be an amazing way to show our future children what their mom and dads wedding was like. My husbands Grandfather passed away shortly after the wedding so being able to see him in the video was heartwarming. I highly recommend Physical Memories if you want great people around on your day and, if possible, and an even more amazing video."

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