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there's nothing we love better than filming humans in love. while we adore every single couple we work with, here are a few of our personal recent favorite films. 

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katie + michael

the ink house

"Oftentimes we hear at weddings something similar to ‘the two will be one and no longer separate,’ but what I would say is that it’s more about learning to live as one, and being unified. It is important that even after today when you’ll be Katie’s husband, and Michael’s wife, you keep the qualities that you each had when you first met that drew you to each other. Today is not a day for losing your identity but for adding another element to your identity. And acknowledging that no one could quite compliment you the way you compliment each other.”

We are so incredibly happy for Katie and Michael and they had the most BEAUTIFUL wedding day. It's so clear that they're in love with one another and we couldn't wait to show that on film - and their love for all of their closest people is so evident too. It was a wonderful day filled with laughter, happy crying, and one of the best dance floors we’ve ever seen (when I first spoke with the two of them Katie said she wanted it to be a fun party vibe and boy their reception didn’t disappoint)! We were honored to be there to help capture their love and couldn’t be happier to share their film. Congratulations again to you two!!

a'kya +

bluff city grill

“I will always love you 3,000.”

Where do we even begin with A’Kya and Deshoun’s wedding day? I was so incredibly excited when they reached out to us after meeting them at a wedding show last November. A’Kya’s smile is infectious and Deshoun was so kind, I knew instantly when I met them that their day was going to be wonderful - and it was! The rain held off for pictures, there wasn’t a dry eye in the church during their adorable vows, and they had the most special dances we’ve ever seen (and all were kinda amazing). We can’t thank them enough for allowing us to be alongside them all day and we’re so incredibly proud of their wedding film.

caitlyn + sam

haue valley

“If you recall, the invitation sent to you all said that they waited 2,042 for this moment. 2,042 days of Sam and Caitlyn nurturing this beautiful, strong relationship we see before us today. Now taking the next step in their journey.”

Caitlyn and Sam had the most beautiful late September wedding. From the handwritten vows to the gorgeous flowers, the combining of two families to the killer dance floor, from all of the perfect details to the adorable cows in the field...we couldn’t have loved it more. Caitlyn said afterward that the day felt like a movie and we couldn’t agree more, and we’re so excited to get to watch it over and over again for forever! These two have such a special relationship that we loved to witness; the way they constantly made each other (and us!) crack up made the day even better. We’re so happy for Caitlyn and Sam and we wish them all of the love!

michelle +

american ranch

"And though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him. A threefold cord is not quickly broken."

Michelle and Zachary had the sweetest evening wedding in August. There wasn't a dry eye during their ceremony, and their their unity communion was so touching and special to witness. We loved getting to share those special moments with them and we wish them all the best!

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